10 ideas for your next date night!

Everybody in a relationship knows it, the question in your head: what could we do next for our date night?
In the beginning of a relationship everything is exciting and so are the dates. But after the 10th time in your fave restaurant you might just have had enough.

I know this struggle too well. Even though my boyfriend and I try to do something new from time to time, it is still quite hard to discover new things and ideas.
To make things less hard for you, I thought of 10 ideas for your next date that are not so usual but still easy to realise. Happy date night!
1.  If it’s almost Halloween, buy one or more pumpkins and carve them! It’s fun and something you can’t do everyday! Below you’ll find some inspiration.

DateNightIdeas_Pumpkin           DateNightIdeas_Pumpkin2
Sarah Robinson (SidetrackedSarah.com)          Source: bakerware.de

DateNightIdeas_Pumpkin3            DateNightIdeas_Pumpkin4
A Cultivated Nest                                                        Eclectically Vintage
2.  If it’s cold, consider baking as a date night. Pick something easy and quick (e.g. cookies) and get creative. Afterwards you can enjoy your sweet snack paired with hot chocolate.

DateNightIdeas_Winter.jpg Stocksy United

3.  Try being a tourist in your home town. For more details check out my post  “How to find new spots in your town everyday”

DateNightIdeas_CitySource: spiegel.de

4. Make new experiences together. Try out something that both of you haven’t tried or done before! It may be fun and will definitely give you some unforgettable memories.

DateNightIdeas_Balloon.jpgSource: tinkerbell240677.tumblr.com 

5.  Surprise your partner. Cook his/her favourite meal. Buy cinema tickets or surprise them with a bubble bath and a movie!

DateNightIdeas_Romantic.jpg    DateNightIdeas_Dinner.jpg
Zürcher-Gehrig AG                                        Source: Digsdigs
6.  If both of you have had enough of pricey restaurants and mediocre food or just have cravings, consider having a “Fast Food Date”. Grab your favourite fast food and make your way home or (if it’s warm and sunny enough) do a picnic.

DateNightIdeas_FastFoodSource: the CHIVE

7. Talking of picnics: they are always funnier if there are more people that come together. So if you know one or two other couples just ask them to come along! Everybody can bring food and drinks or even some games. And if the weather is too bad to do some outdoor activities just cook at home together. It will be a nice day either way.

DateNightIdeas_Friends.jpgSource: luna-et-hazel.tumblr.com

8. Go strawberry picking! You can enjoy them afterwards with some ice cream or use them for a delicious summer tart or cake!

DateNightIdeas_Strawberries                 DateNightIdeas_Strawberries2.jpg
Source: the-green-fairy.tumblr.com                Home Cooking Adventure
9. Do you have some cute photos from each other? No? Or are they pretty old? Have you ever thought of a couple photo shoot? It might sound cheesy at first but just look at these cute photos!

DateNightIdea_Couple.jpg           DateNightIdeas_Couple2
Source: priscilavalentina.net                                Source: witneycarson.com



10.  Last but not least after all this thinking and all the ideas…lets just not think for this 10th date night idea. Just stay in! A date doesn’t always have to be extraordinary to be special. Just cuddle up together under a blanket on a cold day and talk. Talking is a very important part of a relationship anyway. You will keep those days in mind, too.

DateNightIdeas_Home.jpgSource: weare-timeless.tumblr.com



I hope you like my ideas and inspirations! You can also use my “Date Night Planer” to plan your special dates!

Let me know if you have any ideas for a cute date night yourself or if you didn’t like some of the ideas. Or if you did like some of them!

I hope this will help some of you!





2 thoughts on “10 ideas for your next date night!

  1. I loved this post. My favorite idea was to carve pumpkins together. My husband and I have 5 kids so I am taking it one step further. Once carved (when the date is over) we will have our kids judge who won and the loser has to give a massage. THANK YOU!

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