How to find new spots in your town everyday

I bet you know this struggle: Your sitting at home and waiting (im)patiently for your holiday to arrive. You’re looking forward to exploring unknown cities and finding cute stores.

What if  I told you that you can have all that in your home town too?

I know it sounds boring and you think that you know everything about your city.
But did you look at your home town the way tourists do?
Did you try to explore some new spots? Hidden treasures? Cute stores?

What if I told you to get up now and take a long stroll through your city?

My boyfriend and I love to do new stuff now and then. We’re living in a pretty small town and we thought that we knew all the good restaurants, cool stores and beautiful spots. But last time we went for one of our date nights we were just so sick of all these spots. And suddendly I had an idea: I just looked up some spots on tripadvisor. Sure, the major spots that were praised on there we already knew. But then we read about a small chapel in the middle of the city centre. We’ve never heard of it so we were thrilled to visit it. (We’re both not religious at all but we love beautiful and stunning spots!)

And what can I say: We were rewarded! The “Old Chapel” is the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen.

Source: Travel Additcs

Unfortunately I couldn’t use my own pictures as the quality was not good enough. I will definetely return to this chapel so I’ll update this post with my own pictures soon!

We were stunned! Such a beautiful spot in the heart of our city…and we’ve never heard of it!

SO: Next time you don’t know what to do grab your phone and let it lead you to the most amazing spots you didn’t know exist!

Be a tourist in yur own town. Give it a shot! It doesn’t cost anything (well most of the time if you don’t want to visit any museums or galleries). You won’t have to pack a heavy bag and go to the end of the world but you’ll still feel like you’re somewhere else.

Next time you’re bored check out the new jewellery shop around the corner or visit the art gallery you’ve heard about. It’ll be worth it!

I’d love to hear about your adventures! So whenever you read this post and get inspired: let me know. I’d love to know what and where you found something new!



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