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That’s what you usually hear when you enter a shop or café in Copenhagen. “Hej” means “Hello” in danish (obviously).
Last Friday my cousin and I started our “girls trip” to Copenhagen and let me tell you: it was awesome!
I’ve been in Copenhagen before and kinda knew some cool spots but we did a lot of walking and sightseeing and I discovered so many more cute shops and spots in this city!
And guess what: I’ll share them all with you today!

The good thing about the airport in Copenhagen is that there is a train station right next to it, which makes it super easy to get into the city. You can buy tickets at a counter or at an automat and they make 36 DKK for each of you. This may sound like a lot of money but I’ll explain the currency to you. DKK stands for danish crowns which is the name of the danish currency. 50 DKK are about 7 Euros. This makes the 36 DKK less scarier right? It takes a little time to get used to it.
There’s a train that takes you right to the central train station in Copenhagen. And I’d say that it’s the most beautiful train station in the whole wide world!


Doesn’t it look stunning? Inside it looks like a ship! Pretty cool, huh?
We stayed at the Copenhagen Crown Hotel, which is near the train station (about a 5 minute walk away). I was not very happy about it (we didn’t have a room that was faced away from the street noise so it was never really quiet) but oh well….I guess I’m still spoiled from my Amsterdam trip..
As breakfast was included in our booking we stayed at the hotel for breakfast. The reason why we did that (breakfast there isn’t really spectacular unfortunately) is because Copenhagen is very very expensive when it comes to food. A small coffee costs at least 4 Euros! That’s a lot of money!!!
We’d loved to go out for every meal but it would have been so expensive that we decided not to…
BUT it didn’t stop us to find some cute cafés!
On our first day we went to the Café Phenix right next to our Hotel. They have good food (and big portions) and it doesn’t cost that much!

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Espresso House” is a chain comparable to Starbucks and it’s pretty popular in Scandinavia. They serve yummy snacks and good coffee. The coffee is as expensive as everywhere else but it was very comfortable and cozy there! Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of one of the cafés.

We also liked the restaurant “Rossopomodoro” very much. It is located in the “Illum” shopping mall. They serve very yummy Italian food but you’ll have to wait to get seated because literally EVERYONE wants to eat there after their shopping. It’s really good and not too pricey!


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The mall itself is really beautiful and you’ll find all of the top designer brands (national and international ones!). I’d declare it as a luxury shopping mall and it’s nice to stroll through it and look at all the beautiful clothes!

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Shopping…I just love it and you can do lots of it in Copenhagen! A few of my favourite stores are listed below:

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  • NORR Copenhagen
  • PLINTProcessed with VSCO with a4 preset

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    Coming to the sightseeing part of our trip: We walked A LOT! We didn’t want to spend a lot of money on bus, train or metro tickets (although there is something called the “Copenhagen card” which let’s you take any public transportation without buying an extra ticket). So we did everything by foot. It wasn’t as horrible as you might think! We discovered lots of beautiful architecture and many many sweet shops! It was really worth it! I’d recommend you to walk a lot in this city! There are so many hidden treasues!


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Aren’t these buildings amazing, stunning,…???
We had many things on our sightseeing list: Strøget, Rundetaarn, Nyhavn, Rosenborg, Amalienborg, Botanisk Have,Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek…
Didn’t understand a word? No worries: I’ll explain it to you!


This is Strøget. It’s a street full of food stalls, fashion chains (like H&M) and tourist shops. When I read about it it was explained as ” a street where you can shop beautiful clothes etc.”…Well. If you like cheap clothes and crowded streets full of tourists with selfie sticks and cheap chinese food…this might be the paradise you’ve been looking for all your life. Frankly: I hated it. I hate big crowds and I hate cheap shops. It’s really soulless.
But it’s the best way to get to downtown Copenhagen!


The Rundetaarn (“Round Tower”) is one of the best platforms to visit if you want to have a breath-taking view over the city. Children over 15 and adults have to pay 25 DKK to get inside but it’s totally worth it! We were lucky with the weather and didn’t want to leave the tower! And you’ll understand why:

img_7814Stunning, isn’t it?

We also went to see the No. 1 Tourist attraction in Copenhagen: Nyhavn (“New Harbor”)
It’s a collection of pretty, colourful houses next to a small port. It’s beautiful and romantic and you’re a fool if you don’t go there!!!!

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As I just said: You’re a fool if you don’t pay it a visit!

Near Nyhavn you’ll find a very important building: The Amalienborg Castle!
It’s the home of the danish Royal Family and part of it can be visited.

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The last picture shows the “Marmorkirke”. It’s by far the most stunning cathedral I have ever seen in my life and if your at Amalienborg you might as well have a look at the “Marble church”.

I’d recommend you to buy a special ticket for Amalienborg: There is a combined ticket which enables you to visit both: Amalienborg and the old castle: Rosenborg.
Teens under 17 don’t have to pay to get inside of both castles and the combined ticket costs 145 DKK, which I think is ok.
So we visited Rosenborg as well and it was AMAZING!


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img_7394There are so many rooms and things to look at! I felt like a princess in her long lost home!
Right next to the Rosenborg Castle is the “Botanisk Have” (the botanical garden).
I’m a lover of these gardens and so we went there as well. (free entrance for everybody!!)
I loved the big glass house! It was so elegant!


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We’d loved to see everything but some of the glass houses are opened for only an hour or two and we missed that time…

Last but definetely not least on our list was the “Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek” – a beautiful collection of art works. For a long long time I believed that there was nothing more spectacular than MoMa in New York City. But Copenhagen taught me that everything can be spectacular. And so the “Glyptotek” became the second gallery I fell completely in love with! Inside this gallery you’ll find a very elegant courtyard and a café! They serve very good breakfast, cake and super good coffee (and tea!) Do me a favour and just visit it: SO worth it! And the best thing: On Tuesdays you don’t have to pay for the tickets!


Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

I hope I didn’t scare you with this spam of pictures but I couldn’t hold myself back 🙂
If you liked this post I’d be glad to hear from you!
I hope I could inspire and excite you for this beautiful city and its treasures!





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