My Sunday rituals…

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Hey lovelies!

Last Sunday I was at my boyfriend’s and as I sat there – completely relaxed and happy – I wanted to let you be a part of that feeling. That’s all what my blog is about: feeling cozy, happy and having people around that love the same things.

So today, I’ll tell you how a typical Sunday looks like for me.

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When I was younger and still had to go to school (not that long ago though) I had to wake up super early. And that made me terribly grumpy in the morning. So for me as a pupil it was EVERYTHING to sleep in on the weekend. I still sleep in. I don’t sleep till lunch time but still: I like the feeling of waking up when I’m ready to!

 So on weekends and especially on Sundays I give myself the time to wake up when I’m ready! And I don’t stand up immediately but relax a bit until I feel like I want to get up!

 I’ll take a relaxing bath or a shower . I always put on a face mask! I love how smooth my skin feels afterwards and it helps my skin to relax.

 Some of you might follow me on Instagram (@redwineandredlips) and know what comes next: A big can of black tea sweetened with honey (or a big cup of coffee with some milk!). Actually it’s not a Sunday thing for me. Whenever I want to feel cozy and warm I’ll have “ritual time” and make myself some tea. It’s something I learned to love while I was working earlier this year. I was in another town with people I didn’t know and my little ritual just helped me feel better. And I stuck to it.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

 I guess it looks pretty funny:  a girl sitting in her bed, dressed in sweaters and with cozy socks, a face mask on and a big mug of sweet tea in her hand…but I love it!

 After finishing my tea I think of things I’d like to do on that Sunday. Maybe taking some pictures? Reading a book? Whatever I like. It’s often a “me time” kinda day.
The whole day is dedicated to me. It just helps me to get off the stress and prepare for the next week a lot!

 I’d love to hear your Sunday rituals and things that you do to feel cozy!
Tell me in the comments or on my social medias!



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