My resolution for 2017 and why I still “do this to myself”

Uggghh. You hate it. I hate it. THE most annoying sentence that every person on this planet has at least said once in their life: “New year, new me!”.

Yup, I still hate it!

However many people link this sentence to resolutions itself and hate them, too. And that’s wrong (at least for me).

Personally, I think that resolutions are great.

You challenge yourself and keep learning new things. And you might change throughout such a challenge. But you can’t except your resolutions to work, if you want to start with a new you.

“New year, new me” is an excuse for being who you are. You’ll never get the motivation, inspiration or courage you need to change yourself with this attitude.

I made silly and unrealistic resolutions year after year. Needless to say, it never worked and I gave up weeks or even days after New Year’s Eve.

All you need to keep your resolutions going is a realistic mindset and self-love!

If you really want to change yourself or one of you habits you need to stop thinking that the person you are now is bad or wrong. Instead of waiting and hoping to becoma another version of yourself, work with the person you currently are. learn to love this person!

2016 was a great game changer for me. I met a person who loves me as I am and doesn’t want to change a BIT about myself. I learned to accept and respect myself and my body. I realised that it is not about torturing yourself or worrying and crying. It’s not about completely focusing on this one main goal. It’s about living life and doing things that make you feel alive.

The reason I love resolutions is, that I love a good challenge. You shouldn’t load yourself up with thousands of resolutions. One simple thing you want to change about yourself is perfectly enough.

I want to get fit and healthy. That’s my one resolution for 2017. Of course, getting fit is linked to several things (eating healthy, working out and having a happy lifestyle) but there’s just one unapologetic goal in my head! There are no other silly resolutions that distract me from my main goal and that makes it easier to focus on it. Having one goal makes it easier to enjoy life in between. You’ll never be stressed out because you don’t have to run after goals and things you all  want to achieve in this year. You’ll do you and it’ll bring you closer to your goal every day. With this I mean that you should learn about balance. For me getting fit doesn’t mean to cut out all of the junk food and sweets. if i want some of that I’ll treat myself to it. And if I feel like working out a little longer that day – I’ll do it!

Pick out the most urgent wish out of all your “resolutions” and let the other “goals” rest. Work on yourself step after step.

Don’t give up on resolutions. Give up on the thought of forcing yourself to change. If you are struggling with accepting yourself, I have a great inspiration for your 2017 resolution: learn to love yourself and watch yourself change!

Clean your mind. Throw all of that negativity out of your head and start being yourself. Make yourself happy and free in 2017.

And feel free to tell me your resolution for this new year!




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