10 things I can’t live without!

I know, I know: a topic as boring as it can get! Every blogger on this planet did this blog post before and yet I am dumb (or brave enough) to try and  excite you with my ten most loved things.

They may not all be material things but I think that’s ok.

Before I start, I guess I have to explain myself.

I’ve fallen into a hole where there is no creativity and Im yet to crawl out of it.
So no inspiration. This also means: no cool blog posts and no cool photos.
And that’s bad…

What do bloggers do when they can’t think of ONE thing to write?
Right! – They look what their lovely blogger colleagues write and try to get some inspiration out of that.

But coming back to our topic: 10 things I can’t live without!

  1. First things first: Since the first time I watched “Pride and Prejudice” with Keira Knightley I’ve been helplessly in love. Seriously! I can’t live without the story and this specific movie! Everything about all those actors is perfect and I will never not cry of happiness! If you don’t know the 2005 movie version of Jane Austen’s work, I highly recommend watching it! (You’ll find a link to amazon here)
  2. Second on the list MUST be: tea.
    I wouldn’t want to live in a world where there’s no tea. Every British person will hate me for this but besides my love for black tea (with or without milk and honey), I also have a great love for a tea named “caramel apple pie” (it’s a product by Teekanne and it’s delicious, I swear!). I love every single tea on this planet but those two must have to be my two favourites!

    By the way: are you a tea or a coffee person? Personally, I love both. But if I had to choose it would be tea. It’s just so cozy and warming!

  3. Another thing I will never not love is music. I love singing and I’m really interested in listening to new songs and bands. It helps me to relax, concentrate and to find inspiration.
  4. You know it had to appear somewhere on this list. And yep, here it comes: Food.
    But frankly: who DOESN’T love to eat? Whether it is the new restaurant in your town or a new recipe or just your favourite dish that your granny always cooks for you. Food makes you feel good and who doesn’t want to feel good. I specifically love curries, selfmade pizza, fish and Pho.

    What are your most favourite dishes?

  5. I could be really cheesy now and say: my boyfriend. But I’m not that kind of girl and so I’ll say: I couldn’t live without love and affection. Just laying there and cuddling with somebody who loves you and who you love ist just one of the most precious things in the world. And I wouldn’t wanna miss it!
  6. I wouldn’t say I’m addicted to make up but I’d say I like it pretty much. I love transforming myself and looking different every day. Don’t get me wrong: I like myself barefaced as much as I like myself glammed up but there’s just something about that daily change that gets me. No matter what mood I’m in: my make up will represent it and I love that! Feel like the devil itself? No problem! – Here you have the smokiest eyes! Wanna wing it? – Wing it!
  7. Yes, you probably already know what the next point will be: coffee.
    As I mentioned above: tea is my greater love. But on a really shitty Monday, where everything goes wrong (even in the morning) there’s no way I will NOT have a cup of strong coffee. Because you do not want to witness what happens on shitty days where there is no time for coffee…
  8. I don’t know how many read my blog but 90% of all the girls will probably have the same problem: I freeze. Not just in winter. Always! So cozy sweaters are a real MUST for me. Without I turn into an ice cube in seconds. Also they are pretty and comfy and who doesn’t like such things? So let’s put cozy sweaters right on our list!
  9. One thing I also need are really big blankets. Not those average ones where one person has enough space. NO. I want and need a blanket that could warm 5 people. For myself. Just because.
  10. Last but not least: tulips!
    They are my favourite flowers and I’m so sad that they don’t grow all year round…
    But also I’m very lucky to be born in April. That’s when you can get tulips (I mean you can buy some from January till the end of April but it’s just some kind of extra birthday present to me). I love how happy and fresh  they make everything look. So yep! They should definitely have there place on my “Survival List”!


So those where my top ten things I couldn’t live without!
What are your Top 10? Tell me in the comments!
I’d love to hear about your favourite things!




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