Mood Board Monday

Hi guys!

I can’t believe it but this community here on my blog is growing! I didn’t even think of 10 followers but we’re already at 26! Thank you all so much! It mans so much to me!

I don’t know if I have mentioned it before but I dream of a creative carreer! Something with design and communcation…
Anyways: I realized that mood boards are quite a thing in the creative sector and I love it so I thought – why not starting a “moodboard monday” on my blog?

For everyone whos wondering “what the fuck is a mood board??” here’s a definition:

A mood board is a type of collage consisting of images, text, and samples of objects in a composition. It can be based upon a set topic or can be any material chosen at random.
A mood board can be used to give a general idea of a topic that you were given […]. They may be physical or digital, and can be “extremely effective” presentation tools.

Graphic designers, interior designers, industrial designers, photographers and other creative artists use mood boards to visually illustrate the style they wish to pursue. However, they can also be used by design professionals to visually explain a certain style of writing, or an imaginary setting for a storyline.

In short, mood boards are not limited to visual subjects, but serve as a visual tool to quickly inform others of the overall “feel” (or “flow”) of an idea. In creative processes, mood boards can balance coordination and creative freedom.


This is the “official” definition I found. However, mood boards can also just be collages to visualise a certain mood or feeling!

For this first post in this category, I thought it would be nice to also give you a real feeling for mood boards by showing you some of my favourites!

So here are 3 of my favourite mood boards:


This fits so good to today! This day is so cloudy and rainy and right now there’s this specific smell in the air, that only exists after it has rained! You can find thiis mood board here.


I really like this because of its purity! You can find the original website here.


I really really like those mood / brand boards! They always make it so clear what the brand is about and what feeling the want you to have!

You can find this here.

My moodboards will look a bit different but that’s good! Every mood board has a different personality hence it naturally looks different everytime!

I’m excited for this!



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