Banana And Dates Smoothie – A Recipe

Hello everybody!
Trying to be active on this blog – take 173829…
I have so many ideas but they always have to wait because…you know life happens.

But because I love blogging and taking pictures: I’m back!

Lately the weather was so sunny and amazing and it really made me dream a bit about ice cream and summer. Although I do not like the typical hot summer weather I have to admit that I love everything else summer brings with it!
But as it is still the beginning of spring and it’s still a bit too cold to eat ice cream outside, I decided to make me a nice smoothie bowl!

I came across the following smoothie recipe on Pinterest and the lovely “Dinchen” from “dinchensworld” was the one who posted it there! Originally the recipe is by Ella (Deliciously Ella) and let me tell you: you all need to try this one!


By the way: I’m very sorry for these bad pictures but I’m still learning how to make my blog photos POP. In addition I currently do not own a good camera so these pictures were taken with my iPhone and somehow despite having great light and all the photos turned out bad.
So: sorry for that – working on it!


Coming back to the recipe:

2 ripe bananas
400 ml cold almond milk
3 dried dates
2 tblsp. almond butter
1 tblsp. cinnamon

This is the original recipe from “dinchensworld”. I also added 2 tblsp. honey, some more cinnamon (because I just love cinnamon) and I didn’t use dried dates but “fresh” ones.
The smoothie turned out to be so delicious!!


I tried to decorate it and make it look all cute but I didn’t have fresh berries so I had to take some dried ones..

This smoothie is perfect for spring: it’s sweet and quite refreshing and it really fills you so you won’t be hungry for quite some time afterwards!

I’m really thrilled to try other smoothie recipes!!!

Have a good day!